Pave The Way


I'm Ariane, explorer, speaker, and advocate for internal growth.

My home is in beautiful  British Columbia, where I hike

mountains and ancient rainforests.

This incredible natural environment is a great source

of inspiration and supports my wellbeing

and work in prominent ways.

My journey began many years ago as a young woman

big waves of grief and sadness would come and go.

Feeling misplaced in this world was a common experience for me.

It was confusing and shocking to see how life was mistreated

and how human beings were agreeing to live in such a way.

I wondered my place in it all and what my future would hold.

 The feelings of confusion turned into grief.

This was all kept to myself until many years later

when I discovered that I suffered from anxiety and depression.

That's when I began to explore how I could restore inner peace and balance

and guide others to a similar path.

I completed a degree in Eastern Religions and Professional writing

extensive training in Yoga, Meditation and Medical Qi Gong, and multiple certifications

in massage therapy, body work and energy medicine. Walking this path had opened up

a world of introspection, self-study, and healing that quite literally transformed my life.

Over a ten year period, I worked as an instructor and public speaker

 inspiring people of all ages towards exploring wellness, mindful movement, and meditation. 

Along the journey, I created a form of internal growth work that would support people in rewriting 

their inner narratives using imagery, depth communication, and energy work. 

Read more about this practice here 

 Exploring this path for the last twenty years has helped me rediscover myself

as a whole, vital and empowered human being.

I learned how to identify the voice of intuition

and refined my relationship with it.

To this day, it remains the most significant relationship of my life.

I've also learned that we don't have to spend years of our life 'healing'.

There is an aspect of us that remains intact, whole and loving

under any and all circumstances.

My work is to guide you inwards to this space

where you can rewrite your story from within

create new, whole perspectives

and remember how to trust yourself again.

This is the most outstanding journey we can take

and deeply impacts the world in important ways.

It's an honor to cross paths with you.

Let's take this journey together.


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