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A born-and-raised Montreal girl with a great passion for life, community and nature, I’m honored to be supporting an uplifted community with a shared vision, through private sessions, workshops, retreats, and digital programs that foster pure, wholesome, living imagery, peace in family lines, and a healthy relationship with ourselves and the Earth. 

Currently I live in beautiful British Columbia where I swim in oceans, hike mountains and ancient rainforests. I respectfully acknowledge this land as the Unceded traditional territory of the K’omoks First Nation, the traditional keepers of this land. This incredible natural environment is a great source of inspiration and supports my wellbeing and work in prominent ways. I guide people like you to bring wholeness and love forwards during these shifting times.

"From fear, to healing, to wholeness, this journey is one worth sharing with you."

My journey began many years ago as a young woman. Big waves of grief and sadness would come and go. Feeling misplaced in this world was a common experience for me. It was confusing and shocking to see how life was mistreated and how people were agreeing to live in such a way. I also had major sensitivity to others and deeply felt for them and the natural environment.

Feelings of being misplaced turned into feelings of grief. This was all kept to myself until many years later when I discovered that I suffered from anxiety and depression. I set out to find healing. At 17 years of age, the spiritual practices and teachers began lining up.

I practiced extensive martial arts training, which led into a variety of Yoga and Medical Qi Gong certifications. Energy medicine and bodywork practices such as Swedish Massage and Myofascial work turned into my profession for many years, while I completed a degree in Eastern Religions and Professional Writing. 

These experiences gave me confidence, mental and physical strength, and awakened my love for speaking and sharing. Over a 15 year period, I worked full time as an instructor and spoke at public events inspiring people of all ages towards wellness, mindful movement and meditation. I started my own business and worked with some of the top holistic teachers in Montreal and began hosting private, group and long distance sessions with people all over the world.

"Beyond anything else, the greatest tool of all was imagery."

Words That Uplift

Images That Inspire 

After years of accumulating trainings and certifications, suddenly I was guided to let go of absolutely everything I learned, and a method of practice came through me, one that addressed inherited family patterns, traumas, and chronic illnesses. This method can be comparable to Theta work, where the subconscious is directly communicated with in an altered, deeply relaxed state. In these private sessions, I have the joy of working consciously with the energetic field, inner guidance, imagery, and total trust.  Recovery from chronic illness, trauma, addiction, as well as expanded spiritual development are a few of the many benefits.  It's been a joy observing people deeply transform relationships with themselves, their loved ones, and their past. Knowing the subconscious blueprint, and working lovingly with it, fosters mental health, fulfillment, optimal wellness, along with a clear vision for a happy life.

"Our origins remain intact, whole and pure under any and all circumstances."

My work is to guide you back to being whole, free and happy. Our individual work raises the collective, and this is how we can rewrite the course of history together (it's on the rise right now). This is one outstanding journey that deeply impacts the world in important ways. It's an honor to cross paths with you. Let's take this journey together ~
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