Pave The Way


I'm Ariane, explorer, speaker, and advocate for internal growth. My home is in beautiful

British Columbia, where I hike mountains and ancient rainforests. This incredible natural

environment supports my wellbeing, work, and happiness.

My journey began as a young adult. Big waves of grief and sadness would come and go.

These struggles were kept to myself until many years later,

when I discovered that I suffered from anxiety and depression.


A 20 year quest for clarity and trust began.

I completed a degree in Eastern Religions and Professional writing, extensive training in Yoga,

Meditation and Medical Qi Gong, and multiple certifications in body and energywork.

These past 20 years have guided me to think critically, apply healthy boundaries, and

cultivate a trusting connection with myself and others.

I've learned that we don't have to spend years of our life 'healing'.

There is an aspect of us that remains intact, whole and loving

under any and all circumstances.

My work is to guide you inwards to this space

where you can rewrite inner narratives

create new and whole perspectives

and remember how to trust yourself again.

This is the most outstanding journey we can take

and deeply impacts the world in important ways.

It's an honor to share this journey with you.


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