Support session

Where we connect in a safe space...

If you're not quite ready for the Deep Dive, these sessions are a perfect option for you.

You'll still have an in-depth, quality experience without having to explore so deeply.

These Support Sessions will offer the space needed to feel held, supported, seen

and relaxed. We will be communicating, I'll be asking questions, proposing new perspectives, and offer new and bigger pictures to your attention. Imagery and somatic practices might also be involved depending on the trajectory of the session.

The purpose of this session is for you to see your life situation from a higher perspective. 

An appointment is made through The Inward Path online booking platform here.

A Zoom link will be immediately sent to you and we meet online at the scheduled time. 


This is an opportunity for you to have a closer look at your:

~ Needs: what are they and are they being fulfilled

~ Inner guidance system: are you listening to your guidance and what is it trying to tell you 

~ Avoidance: what is being pushed aside and why

~ Inner child: do you have a healthy connect together

~ Whole-self: meet and communicate with your whole-self 

Be open to discovering...


~ We only explore what you're

open to exploring


~ Boundaries are respected


~ We always meet in a safe  and respectful space 

Reconnect with yourself

How to prepare...

Ensure the environment you take the call in is peaceful and undisturbed

Be ready and willing to communicate. Be clear with what you would like to explore

Click on the Zoom link that was emailed to you upon booking to join me online

Schedule an appointment...