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Welcome to Beheld & Behold
10 days of introspection, guided
imagery, & internal growth 
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Prepare for your journey...

~ turn the ringer off your phone, close the door

~ lie on your back, cover yourself in a blanket

~ find a private quiet space to yourself

~ put headphones on and deeply relax

Day 1: BeFriending Fear 

Today we turn towards the fear response and acknowledge it as a whole integral part of us.
Practice inviting fear to have an equal seat at your table: be open, receptive, and ready to see
fear as one of the most important friends to have. 
Befriending Fear
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Day 2: Freedom Through Feeling 

We are missing out on feeling free, whole and peaceful by avoiding our fear response.
Practice feeling these sensations in a safe, loving and supportive space. Observe a beautiful
process unfold as you are guided into a deeper state of 'feeling'.
Freedom Through Feeling
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Day 3: The Art Of Listening 

As you continue to explore befriending fear, take the next step: listen with heart and mind wide open. What is the fear response communicating to you? What is the heart communicating to you? What images, feelings, sensations are you experiencing? Learning the language of listening begins by opening up, becoming still, and setting all expectations and judgements aside.
The Art Of Listening
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Day 4: The Inner Child

The inner child is a term used to describe our most vulnerable, loving and free expression. Imagine this vulnerable version of you; connect with them through detailed guided imagery, and experience the beauty of holding and beholding the most precious expression of yourself.
The Inner Child
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Day 5: Be Held

Knowing what it feels like to embrace vulnerability in total support is nothing short of freeing. In today's guided journey, experience holding all of 'you', with total attention, acknowledgement and support. Give yourself one of the most brilliant experiences of a lifetime: be self-held,
self-supported, self-loved.
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Day 6: Be Nourished

Did you know you can nourish yourself through your own focused attention

and feelings of love? No practices or tools required! Today you are in for an adventure:

be fed on an energetic level, right down to the cells, by holding and beholding your deepest vulnerability. Expect deep nourishment and restoration.

Be Nourished
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Day 7: WholeBeing

If we are whole and complete as we are, then why would we try and fix ourselves? Here is where

we see ourselves, in detailed guided imagery, as a wholebeing, fully intact, designed to perfection.

This one is a brilliant journey, get ready...

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Day 8: BeHold The Whole World

In your minds eye, hold the image of yourself as a wholebeing, see through the eyes of wholeness, and see everyone else around you as whole. Imagine with detail and sensation, a community and world of wholebeings. Behold for yourself, right down to a cellular level, what is possible on a personal and collective level.

BeHold The Whole World
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Day 9: The World Within

This is truly where it all begins: the inner world creates the outer world as we know it. Today we will have the experience of seeing for ourselves the importance of being solidly connected to our inner-nature, for all the reasons you're about to discover (enjoy the adventure).

The World Within
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Day 10: Held In Peace

All this time we have been unconditionally held and loved by life itself. Today we explore our place

in this brilliant, unconditionally loving world of ours: what exactly does this mean for you? What

are the possibilities available that you weren't seeing before? #deepdive

This is the last of the 10 days.

Take quiet time to yourself after this recording

to connect and honor the journey you've just taken.

Doors have been opened, the heart and mind have opened.

Be open to magic and it will certainly find you! 

Held In Peace
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one journey ends and another begins... 

Watch the integration unfold... 

~ the impact of these last ten days will continue to
grow and expand as each day goes by 

~ continue to take 15-20 mins a day to introspect, feel deeply, and restore yourself if it calls

~ your journey is important. contact ariane directly at for comments or feedback

Keep yours eyes open for a second 10 day program called The Path Of Peace
coming soon

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