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This Policy describes the handling of Personal Information - as defined in the Personal Information Protection Act [SBC 2003], Chapter 63 [“Privacy Act”] - that is collected by my practice known as The Inward Path and its related entities and bodies corporate within the meaning of the Canada Business Corporations Act [R.S.C 1985, c. C-44].

I, Ariane Telishewsky, recognize the need for protecting privacy both locally and internationally, especially with respect to protecting an individual’s privacy and ensuring the protection of their information. My practice [The Inward Path], being registered in the province of British Columbia in Canada, is bound by the Canadian Privacy Principles of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act [S.C. 2000, c. 5], [“PIPEDA”;] as provided under the Privacy Act and their respective amendments and updates from time to time.

This Policy outlines how my practice manages personal information of all persons it deals with, whether they are employees, contractors, agents, clients, suppliers or any person that provides personal information to my practice.

The information provided in this Policy consists of my current privacy standards, which may vary from time to time, and will be clearly marked as a variation with the date of that variation. You are urged to familiarize yourself with this Policy and to review it periodically to ensure you are up-to-date with the most current privacy standards. Use of this website or the services is deemed as your acceptance of this Policy and any revision.

This Policy’s objectives are to ensure the protection of personal information that my practice collects, uses, discloses, stores or handles; to demonstrate my ongoing commitment and compliance with the Privacy Act; to describe and outline the way in which my practice may acquire and use personal information in its services; to describe your rights to access personal information, correct that information, or request removal of that information from our systems; and to provide you with an independent avenue to complain about a breach of the PIPEDA or the Privacy Act.

Personal Information


What is personal information? The Privacy Act relates to information about an identifiable individual and includes employee personal information, but does not include contact information, or work product information. This is generally information that may identify you as an individual, or which may be reasonably ascertained to identify you as an individual from the information or opinion gathered. This may include information that includes your name; date of birth; credit history; transaction history; your address; your place of work or company information; information in submitted forms, contracts or applications; payment or banking details; insurances; contact details, including telephone numbers, emails, addresses, or social media; inquiry or complaint details.

My practice collects personal information from individuals in order to conduct various aspects of its business functions and activities. This includes information from individuals who are clients, prospective clients, contractors, suppliers, agents, service providers, and employees. I may collect information from documents such as emails, business cards, social media, supplementary forms, client forms, transactional documents, contracts, inquiries or other mediums, including referrals. I may also collect information from you through your use of this website. If required by law I may also collect personal information from you.

My practice may use or disclose personal information for its business purposes, including, but not limited to identify and communicate with you; to send emails or direct marketing or sales activities; in the provision of relevant services or goods; to help improve my quality of care and services; for your immediate and ongoing health and care; and various business operations. In the event I require your consent to use or disclose your personal information, this may be obtained by verbal or express communication.

Cookies and Information Collection

My practice may use cookies when you access this website. Cookies are small files that a website writes to a user’s hard drive when that user visits the website. Cookies cannot read information from the user’s hard drive or read information from other cookies.

The type of information that may be logged may include the type of browser and operating system used; the previous website the user visited; the user’s server IP address; date and time of the user’s visit; the address of the pages accessed; and the document downloaded and the size of the download. Via the use of a ‘cookie’, my practice may record the pages visited on this website and the information accessed and viewed or used on this website only. This information is used anonymously and in aggregate, and is collected and logged for statistical purposes. You may turn off cookies through your web browser or add security measures to restrict cookies on your browser.

Please note that our Cookie Policy can be found right here.

My practice often receives information which is not solicited from third parties or our suppliers, clients, contractors or professional advisors. When we receive unsolicited personal information, we determine whether it could have been collected in accordance with the Privacy Act. If we cannot substantiate that the information was lawfully obtained, we take steps to destroy or de-identify the information, including notifying the party that provided the information that we have done so.

My practice stores personal information electronically or hard copy, which are always secured either in secure systems or on our business premises. The personal information is kept safe and secure from misuse, interference loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure; and is only used internally or disclosed under permitted business purposes. Any personal information that is retained after we have a specific need, we will take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identity this personal information.

My practice uses its reasonable endeavors to ensure that the personal information it collects, uses or discloses is accurate and up-to-date. In the even your personal information changes, we encourage you to contact us and notify of such changes. We may contact your periodically to confirm your personal information to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date.

You may choose to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym [a name that is not your own] when dealing with my practice. However, we may not be able to provide you relevant services or goods if we cannot identify you.

My practice often sends out marketing materials and promotional offers to its contacts in our systems. In the event you wish to not receive these communicates, please notify us by emailing with the subject heading ‘Privacy’.

Disclosure and Information Access

At times, we may be required by law to provide personal information or for statutory purposes in order to prevent breaches of law. This may require disclosure to authorities, security agencies, regulatory bodies, customs officials or other executive branches of government. Such disclosures are generally advised in privacy statements from time to time.

My practice may share your personal information you submit to us for any permitted purpose required to fulfil services or supply of goods. Organizations that we deal with outside of Canada are required to comply with our privacy policy and must maintain confidentiality of personal information supplied on an as needed basis or for any purpose set out in this Privacy Policy.

Please be aware that cross-border privacy protection principles do not apply to personal information if a permitted general situation exists, which includes, but are not limited to preventing a serious threat to life, health or safety, suspected unlawful activity, serious misconduct, locating missing persons, diplomatic or consular functions or activities, defence force activities outside of Canada.

If my practice holds personal information relating to you, then you have the right to request access to that personal information and to correct that information. My practice will endeavor to provide you with access to any such request within 7 days of receiving a request. We may require that you provide us with certain details to authenticate who you are and that you have a right of access to such information. This might include a 3-point identification check. When requesting access to personal information from my practice, there may be instances where we are required to charge you a reasonable fee for any expenses incurred by myself for such access. In these circumstances, if you are unable or unwilling to pay those expenses, we may not be able to provide you with access to your personal information. In this event my practice fails to grant access or to implement a proposed correction, we will provide you with a written explanation that outlines our position and reasons for not providing you with access or implementing a correction. You will be able to respond to such letter, however, any such disclosure or correction will be subject to my discretion. My practice will take all reasonable steps to destroy, delete, de-identify personal information after its needs are no longer required.

Third-Parties and Compliance

My practice may include hyperlinks to other websites on this website or in correspondence to you, via email or through other mediums from time-to-time. Those third-party websites are not party to or subject to my policies, including this Privacy Policy. You are strongly encourage to familiarize yourself with those third-partys' privacy policies as well as any other policies and procedures that may be relevant to your needs. My practice does not warrant the accuracy or correctness of any third-party website and urges that you make your own independent inquiries.

My implementation of this Privacy Policy is done so through its procedures, current business practices, staff training and auditing. All personnel, including agents, contractors, employees and officers of my practice are made aware of this Privacy Policy and handle personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. All personnel are required to uphold and protect individual’s personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act and this Privacy Policy. This Policy and its Procedures were approved by myself, the director of this practice, on Oct 1st, 2020.

Further Information

My Privacy Officer is responsible for all matters pertaining to this Privacy Policy. Privacy related matters may be emailed to All reasonable endeavours will be made to respond to such requests and we resolve any complaint within 30 days from the day it is received by me.

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