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Choose one of the three...

ancestral connection, communication & clearing 

end repeating body injury or sickness patterns

address & purify past life imprints

Discover the brilliance of living imagery and how it can recreate the energetic blueprints we have. Together we communicate directly to the origin of the blockage, and permit realignment to happen intelligently and effortlessly as it is designed to.  
                                                     -  Ariane Telishewsky  

Did you know...

We are timeless

~ we hold our personal history within our very own tissues and energetic field. 

~ we unintentionally repeat cyclical patterns that often inhibit our happiness and wellbeing.


~ we can end these patterns, and when we do, we rewrite the blueprint of our lives and family lines. 

We are pure & whole

~ our design is purely perfected.     


~ by design we are made to thrive and be whole.


~ sickness or cyclical injuries are important and benevolent feedback systems, not something to fix.

Ancestral Connection, Communication & Clearing 

What to expect...

choose a family member or passed relative that you are called to speak with. Or open up the space to having any ancestor speak with you. The purpose is to communicate, get information, reconcile, and be at peace.

End Repeating Body Injury or Sickness Patterns

do you have a recurring sickness or injury? Go directly to the origin of the pain using living imagery. Observe the unfolding of the pain rewrite itself, without force.

Address & Purify Past Life Imprints

communicate directly with and 'untie' yourself from a past life that is looking to communicate with you. Have the visceral experience of lightness and ease in the body.

How to prepare...

Before booking ~ Choose an online meeting or in-person meeting (if you live on Vancouver Island).

For online bookings, ensure you have a peaceful and quiet environment available in your home for a 90 minute duration.

Ensure no other bookings are made in the day after the session. You'll need the remainder of the day to yourself and integrate.

Rather than force or direct anything in the session, permit yourself to be guided and allow the intelligence of you to do all the work.

What others have to say...

"Ariane's sessions are deeply relaxing as they are powerfully insightful. Her voice confidently guided me into a peaceful and safe space. She supported my journey masterfully.  ~ A.C

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