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Private Sessions

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Explore the world of energy 

Translate what the subconscious is communicating to you. Bridge the communication between the mind and inner guidance. Whether it be physical pain in the body, a reoccurring pattern, or emotional block, get clear answers and move forwards in life.                                                                                                  

Did you know...

We are timeless

~ we hold our personal history within our very own tissues and energetic field. 

~ we unintentionally repeat cyclical patterns that often inhibit our happiness and wellbeing.


~ we can end these patterns. when we do, we recreate the blueprint of our lives and family lines. 

We are pure & whole

~ our design is purely perfected.     


~ by design we are made to thrive and be whole.


~ sickness or cyclical injuries can be rewritten no matter how long it's been or how deep the issues appear to be.

What to expect...

Relax. Receive. Communicate 

this form of work is both deeply relaxing and active, whereby the participant engages directly with the inner dialogue. begin by sitting or laying down with eyes closed. remain open and receptive. Ariane will journey the participant into a Theta state where the subconscious presents the perfect message/image to explore. 

Trust the process

whatever comes up during the session is what you're ready to address. at any time, you can choose not to explore the feelings or inner dialogues presenting themselves. you are the one navigating the session.

The benefits

make peace with past choices made and not made. pass back inherited family patterns. reunite with your inner child. meet and gather insight from your future self (the options are endless). 

We communicate directly with the origin and an 'untying' will happen from whatever is stagnant or blocked. Experiences vary from person to person. You may have a visceral experience of lightness and ease in the body, tingling, increase or decease in temperature etc. Feeling tired after sessions is normal.

It is recommended to keep the schedule open in the day after each booking. No matter what, it is a very profound, cleansing and deeply transformative experience.

What will it feel like?

How to prepare...

Before booking ~ Choose an online meeting or in-person meeting (if you live on Vancouver Island).

For online bookings, ensure you have a peaceful and quiet environment available in your home for a 90 min duration.

Ensure the remainder of your day after the session is light and relaxing. Give yourself space to integrate. 

See these sessions as an opportunity to explore the parts of you that have been hidden away. Space will be made and the opportunity to create new habits and perspectives will greatly amplify. Take quiet time and space to yourself daily afterwards to simply 'be'. The integration happens weeks and months after the experience.

By booking an appointment, you agree to take 10 to 20 minutes to yourself everyday for the following 21 days, to breathe and rest in a quiet undisturbed space, feel into the body, and reflect on the shift that is taking place. 

What others have to say...

"Ariane's sessions are deeply relaxing as they are powerfully insightful. Her voice confidently guided me into a peaceful and safe space. She supported my journey masterfully.  ~ A.C

What to know before scheduling...

Package Sessions...

3 Private Sessions ~ $75 Discount 

Regular Price $450. Discount Price $375

Feel the support of long term care. Over 3 two hour sessions, deeply explore the root of whatever obstacle you are facing, create new inner dialogues, and find courage to bring forth an open hearted, clear minded expression of you ~

5 Private Sessions ~ $125 Discount 

Regular Price $750. Discount Price $625

This package is for those who are ready to make significant changes in their lives. If you are ready to look at, embrace, and complete certain chapters of your life, these 5 sessions will take you there ~ 

Schedule an appointment...

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