Listen to 10 recorded guided journeys over 10 days

explore & embody deep rest, safety & support

Be At Peace...

Message From Your Guide

This simple 10 day audio program will guide you towards feeling self-supported

during these shifting times. Enter a theta state and practice visualization, deep breathing,

restoration, and depth communication with the heart and body.


Experience for yourself what it is to:

- embrace fear and uncertainty

- move forwards with trust

- hold and support the fear response

- hold and behold your inner child

- feel deeply supported and safe

- build inner resilience


Each guided journey is a 15 to 20 minute audio recording with 432hz music.

Listen to each recording in a quiet, peaceful environment, reclined on the back,

wrap yourself in a blanket, eyes and top of the head covered with a scarf, and

put headphones on.


It is encouraged that you listen to the program over a consecutive 10 days.

Feel free to revisit the journeys afterwards, or the entire series again from start to finish.

Program fee: $33 

Once you purchase the program, Paypal will email you a

confirmation email with a direct link to the program.

a journey that will leave an impact...

~ the effect of these 10 days will continue to grow and expand far after the program

~ you and everyone around you will benefit

~ create a new peaceful relationship with yourself when you need it most

You'll be immediately directed to the

program page after registering

Find a direct link to the program

in your Paypal Confirmation Email