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Deep Dive Sessions

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What the journeys entail...

enter a deeply relaxed state

explore depth communication & imagery 

rewrite limiting beliefs & inner narratives

Discovering the ability to rewrite our own
subconscious narrative can be life transforming. 
We can rewrite our internal blueprint with
the right space, intention, and guidance.
My commitment is to provide this space for you.

                                                     -  Ariane Telishewsky  

What you might discover along the way...

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This journey is for those who are ready to.....

Look Inwards

Give undivided attention to yourself and to whatever 

feelings are present

Be Vulnerable

Trust that you are in a safe space to open and

be receptive


The willingness to feel opens the door to deep healing and integration

Allow Support

Allow yourself to be guided

and supported the whole

way through 

What other explorers have to say...

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Frequently asked questions...

How do I prepare for a session?

Choose a space for the session where you will be undisturbed. You will be resting on your back, so have a reclining chair or couch nearby, a blanket to wrap yourself in, and a glass of water.  
Keep the rest of your day clear of appointments, as you will need to rest. 

The session is a minimum of 90 mins, max 2 hours. I guide you into a theta state (relaxed hypnotic state). Your eyes will be closed, the body
reclined and wrapped in a blanket.
We communicate together, addressing whatever image, memory or feeling surfaces using a form of depth communication and visualization. I am guiding, and supporting you the
entire session. 

What can I expect?

If you have a willingness to grow, to look deeply at yourself, and to feel whatever obstacles or blockages may be there, then you're ready for a session.

How do I know I'm ready for a session?

Rest is needed after each session. Keep the rest of your day open to restore yourself. Feeling tired or even exhausted is common after the session
(the work is deep).  

What is the integration period like after the session?

The privacy of every client is fully respected. Your experience during the private session, along with all personal documentation will remain confidential. 
If you cancel your appointment a full 24hours prior to the start of the booking, you can receive a refund. After the 24 hour period, no refunds will be available.  

What are the policies I need to know of?

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