Deep Dive

private sessions

ariane pic.jpg

What the journeys entail...

enter a deeply relaxed state & journey inwards

explore depth communication & imagery 

rewrite limiting beliefs & inner narratives

Discovering the ability to rewrite our own
subconscious patterns can be life transforming. 
We can rewrite our internal blueprint with the
right space, intention, and guidance. That is 
what I'm committed to providing you.

Ariane Telishewsky  

What you might discover along the way...

This journey is for those who are ready to.....

Faded Sandpaper

Look inwards

Shift your attention inwards away from the mind

towards the heart

Grey Surface

Be vulnerable

Open up

take down the walls

and trust that you're safe

Pink Marble


Be ready to feel the

sensations and emotions

as they arise

Wooden Surface

Allow support

Allow yourself to be guided

and supported the whole

way through 

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