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thriving with nature 


Quantum Infused Formulas

by New Phoenix Rising


Here are two of my favorite products I enjoy everyday that greatly contribute to my vitality.
Clean, pure, non-gmo, plant-based, and naturally sourced.

Quantum-activated herbal kidney support formula tea


The very best, pure, non-gmo spirulina in north america,hands down

Ariane's Testimonials

Fearless Tea

“I was at the tail end of the flu when I had my very first cup of Fearless tea. Within minutes, I noticed the temperature of my body gradually begin to increase. Approximately 20 minutes later,I broke out into a heavy, full body sweat. I knew right away that my body was detoxifying, most likely the last of the torrential flu I was battling two weeks prior. After sweating, a very distinct headache came about, and I recognized immediately that this was yet another detox symptom. Once the symptoms had ended, I fell asleep and woke up feeling so much better. I'm amazed with how effective, efficient and potent this herbal formula is. It came to me at the very perfect time and I truly recommend it to anyone looking to purify themselves in some remarkable ways."

Biolumina Spirulina

About a month into taking Biolumina daily, I noticed I was cutting my nails far more often than usual. I also noticed my hair was growing stronger, eyesight was improving, and so was the quality of my sleep. What most impressed me was the increase in vitality! I was struggling with lethargy through these challenging times and cold winter months. Now I don't have this heaviness looming over me anymore. I feel vitally well and ready to address the day with enthusiasm. My partner and I are devoted to this superfood and feel very confident about recommending it to others. "

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