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 Whole Self session

Meet your highest most
wholesome expression....

Who is your higher self? Who is the version of you that lives a whole, complete and pure life? If you had the chance to ask your higher self questions, what would you ask? 

In a safe space, your host Ariane will guide you into a restful state, where the whole expression of you is invoked, seen, and felt using imagery and deep relaxation. Begin by c
overing yourself up with blankets, drape the eyes with an eye cover or scarf, and choose a quiet space where you are totally at peace. Ariane will guide you through a process where you speak directly to your whole self, ask whatever questions you have, and have a visceral experience of a purely whole state. 

These sessions will provide clarity and direction for how to move forwards, and help you see the bigger perspective in life. Ariane will be asking questions, and guiding you through the process the entire time.

Sessions are held over a Zoom call for 90 minutes. Click the button below to book a session. A Zoom link will be mailed to you with final details. 

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This is an opportunity to have a closer look at your:

~ Pure & Whole-self: meet, communicate, and familiarize yourself with the pure you

~ Pure Image: create a solid and clear image of wholeness

~ Pure Potential: what are you being called to create?

~ Pure Communication: speak directly to your higher self

~ Pure Path: what path does your higher self walk?


Be open to discovering...


~ You explore only what you're

open to exploring


~ Boundaries are always respected


~ You are always meet in a safe  and respectful space 

Reconnect with yourself

How to prepare...

Ensure the environment is peaceful and quiet

Be ready and willing to communicate

Create a cozy, comfortable space to journey

What to know before scheduling...

Schedule an appointment...

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